w a y a n g
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g a m e l a n . o r g



The Mythical Origin of the Gamelan
The full performance, with 5 ensembles and 100 musicians
and English translation by Kitsie Emerson.

A Closer Look, in 5 episodes and one interview
Commentary by Kitsie Emerson
Interview with Ki Purbo Asmoro
Hosted by Jody Diamond
Video Editor: Robin Richardson

(background on the project)


Part 6. Process and Production: an interview with Ki Purbo Asmoro

Part 1. The gods argue: are mortals fit to play gamelan?

Part 2. What would an earthly gamelan look and sound like?

Part 3. The politics of gamelan in the human world.

Part 4. The comic interlude: what's so funny?

Part 5. Characters and Conclusions