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Wayang Esther: a shadow puppet operetta
based on the story of Purim

by Barbara Benary (composer/librettist) and
Barbara Pollitt (director/dhalang)
from 2001 production at Here Arts Center, NYC

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INNOVA #718 Sonogram (2008) $22.50
Double album, Innova Records #718
Highlights of our last few seasons plus classics from our repertoire by ten composers:
Barbara Benary, David Demnitz, Miguel Frasconi, Daniel Goode, Lisa Karrer, Jody Kruskal, Laura Liben, Denman Maroney, John Morton and David Simons

GSOL CD-4 Dragon Toes (2007) $15.00
An updated reissue of Barbara Benary's early works for the ensemble. Seven pieces mostly written in the 1980s. Four are songs: two for her young daughter who wore the "Dragon Toes" and two on the meaning of life, war and peace and the nefarious use of bells.

GSOL CD-3 Bending the Gending (2002) $15.00
11 pieces in various contemporary styles by ensemble composers: Barbara Benary, Nicholas Brooke, Mark Steven Brooks, David Demnitz, Daniel Goode, Darryl Gregory, Lisa Karrer, Jody Kruskal, Marnen Laibow-Koser, Laura Liben & David Simons

GSOL CD-1 New Gamelan/New York (1995) $15.00
7 pieces in various contemporary styles by ensemble composers: Barbara Benary, Mark Steven Brooks, David Demnitz, Daniel Goode, Jody Kruskal, Laura Liben & David Simons

GSOL CD-2 Gamelan as a Second Language (1996) special price: $10.00
6 pieces by David Demnitz, written for and played by Son of Lion. Minimalist process pieces and Afro-Cuban rhythms. The CD booklet contains scores for all the pieces.

LOCUST 41/42 The Complete Gamelan in the New World (2004) $20.00
Two volume re-release of Gamelan Son of Lion's original Folkways LPs (1979-80). Minimalist classics by Daniel Goode, Philip Corner, Barbara Benary, Peter Griggs, Dika Newlin and Elena Cary

LOCUST 78 Metal Notes (2005) $15.
Re-release of Gamelan Son of Lion's 1985 group anthology originally published in the New Wilderness Audiographics series. Includes the jointly composed piece "Gamelan NEA" by Benary, Corner, Goode, Griggs plus additional works by David Demnitz, Denise Rightmire-Womelsdorf, Goode, Corner and Griggs.


Wayang Esther $15.
1 hour excerpts in English of Barbara Benary's music-theatre piece with dhalang Barbara Pollitt and Joko Susilo at Here Performing Arts Center, February 2001. Based on the Megillah, or telling of the biblical book of Esther, using traditional wayang purwa puppets.

Karna: A Shadow Puppet Opera $15.
30 minute excerpts in English from 1994 performance of Barbara Benary's opera, with dhalang Barbara Pollitt at LaMama ETC theatre, New York City. A traditional story based on the life of Karna, an anti-hero of the Mahabharata.

Woman's Song: The Story of Roro Mendut $20.
Lisa Karrer's multimedia production performed at The Kitchen, 2004. (1 hr)

Recordings with Gamelan Son of Lion available from other distributors:

Sun on Snow - New World Records #80646, 2006
Four chamber pieces by Barbara Benary. The gamelan performs heterophonically with diatonic instruments and percussion in "Aural Shoehorning."

Fung Sha Noon - Tzadik #8067, 2009
Works by David Simons. Includes "Music for Gamelan and Theremin" composed for and performed by GSOL.

Prismatic Hearing - Tzadik #8001, 2004
Works by David Simons. Includes "The Unraveling" composed for and performed by GSOL.

Interaction: New Music for Gamelan (1992)
CD published as part of Leonardo Music Journal CD series, Vol 2.
Works by six composers recorded by various American gamelan ensembles. Includes Gamelan Son of Lion's performances of Benary's "Vancouver" and Rahayu Supanggah's "Paragraph"

Leonardo/ISAST, 672 South Van Ness Ave., San Franciso, CA 94110
tel. 415-431-7414; Fax: 415-431-5737;
e-mail <>

Macedonian Air Drumming (Bridge Records #9030, 1992)
Four pieces by electronic composer Neil Rolnick, including Gamelan Son of Lion's performance of his "ReRebong" for gamelan with electronic processing. Available from the composer, Neil Rolnick, at R.P.I., Troy, NY.

Son of Lion members' compostions for other instruments
Other recordings by Gamelan Son of Lion's composers Philip Corner and Daniel Goode, for different instrumentation, are distributed by Frog Peak Music.

Frog Peak Music
Box 1052
Lebanon, NH 03766
phone/fax 603-448-8837

Additional recordings by our composer-members are available from them directly. Contact them through their links on our Members page.
More recordings of gamelan music

A wide selection of other gamelan music recordings,from Indonesia, the US and many other places, is distributed by:

American Gamelan Institute
Lebanon, NH 03766
phone/fax 603-448-8837

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