COMPOSITIONS by Jody Diamond

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Liner notes for CD "In That Bright World: compositions for Javanese gamelan"
written by Dr. Judith Becker

Bonang. For one Javanese bonang and ten players. Premiered by Gamelan Son of Lion. 2010.

migration. for two separate gamelan or sections of one gamelan, each with a different "leader of time." 2004. for daniel goode and Gamelan Son of Lion.

At Lou's Table. For Javanese gamelan. 2003. Dedicated to Lou Harrison.

Irama Explorations. Five pieces confronting the concept of time in Javanese music. 2003.

Kecak Duabelas. For large choir. Based on Balinese choral form. Commissioned by the Westerly Chorus, premiered in Westerly, Connecticut, January 2002.

Bamboo. Collaboration with Indonesian composer Kuwat. For voice, gamelan, and bamboo angklung. Premiered at Dartmouth College Vaughan Series, April 2001.

Come Into the Valley. For Javanese gamelan and small chorus. Based on an American Shaker song, with harmony by Mary Ann Haagen. Dedicated to William Colvig. Premiered at Planet Gamelan Festival, Franklin Pierce College, NH, 2001.

the betrayal of the wedhatama, for voices, percussion and shadow puppets. 2000. Premiered at Dartmouth College New Musics Festival, 2000. Also performed at Greenwich House Music School, New York City.

gnanagnarab, for gambang or marimba. 1999. Premiered at Dartmouth College New Musics Festival, 2000. Percussion piece based on the Balinese gamelan piece.

"We taste the spices of Arabia, yet we cannot feel the scorching sun that brings them forth."  For guitar, piano, French horn, singer, readers. Text by Goenawan Mohamad. 1997. Premiered at LaMama Gallery, New York, 199, with dancer restu Imansarikusumaningrum.

We Need More Time. For two players. Premiered at the Yogyakarta Gamelan Festival, 1997. Dedicated to Ben M. Pasaribu.

Pangkur Tunggal, for solo singer and real-time multi-tracked tape, 1992. Premiered at Dartmouth College New Musics Series, May 19, 1992.

Kenong, 1990, premiered by the Mills College Gamelan, Oakland, California. Revised at the Yogyakarta Contemporary Music Festival, 2005. [Recording]

Pangkur 1928, for gamelan, speakers and tape. Premiered at the Music Gallery, Toronto, 1990.

Pangkur N.Z. (New Zealand), commissioned by the University of Victoria at Wellington, New Zealand, 1989. New version performed at the International New England Gamelan Festival, Dartmouth College, May 15, 1992.

UK 789, for gamelan and multi-track tape, premiered by the Monash University Gamelan, Melbourne, Australia, 1989.

Prelude: Anyone Can Play, for audience and any gamelan, 1987.

Pangkur GMT (Guru, Murid, Teman), 1987. Premiered at Mills College, 1987.

Pangkur/Ricik-ricik, 1987.

Pieces of Eight, for eight tapes of Indonesian music and computer-controlled matrix switcher, 1986. and Lagu Didalam Kotak/The Melody Within the Box, for gamelan and computer-controlled matrix switcher, 1986. (Both these pieces premiered at EXPO '86 in Vancouver as part of the First International Gamelan Festival).

Pangkur in Four Pathet, for gamelan, arrangement of a Javanese piece in four different pitch sets, 1985. Premiered at Mills College.

Sekar Eled, Balinese piece arranged for American gamelan, 1985.

Sinom Ladrang, Balinese piece arranged for American gamelan, 1985.

Hard Times, for gamelan, mandocello and chorus on a song by Stephen Foster, 1984. Score also in Indonesian. Performed in the Bay Area series New Music for Plucked Strings,1985. Performed in New York City with added violin, 1993. Performed at the Yogyakarta International Gamelan Festival, 1996. Recorded at ISI Surakarta, 2001.

Bubaran Bill, for gamelan, dedicated to William Colvig, 1984.Premiered in San Francisco, 1984.

Maggie in Two Modes, for 'cello and gamelan, commissioned and performed by the Berkeley Gamelan, 1983.

'awan Solo, arrangement of a Balinese piece for the Diamond Bridge Gamelan, 1983, 2009. (Previously titled Penguin Solo.)

Ice of the North, for gamelan, with Mickey Hart, 1983.

arrangements of several pieces by Lou Harrison, including Gending Samuel and other music for the shadow play Richard Whittington,1983.

Dance Music I, II, III, for gamelan, commissioned by choreographer Sue Li for graduate concert in dance, 1983. Published in Ear Magazine, Fall, 1983.

Gending Chelsea, for gamelan, commissioned by Lou Harrison, on a theme and aphorisms by Virgil Thomson, 1982. Premiered at Mills College, 1982.

Sabbath Bride, for gamelan, on a Hebrew Sabbath melody, 1982. Premiered at Mills College, 1982.

Sabbath Bride article. Written for and published in the first issue of KETEG, a journal from the campus at ISI Surakarta. Explains compositional process.

Oh Little Mother, for gamelan, flute, banjo, guitar, and voices, commissioned by Raymond and Rochelle Kappe, 1982.

Dodi Li, for gamelan, 1982. Based on a Hebrew song "this is my beloved." Trombone part added, 2008.

Kabe baud ...  1982, for chorus and Javanese gamelan (vocal part for Marta Budaya, by Mantle Hood). Premiered at Mills College. Text from the Centini.

Deep Blue Sea, 1982, for chorus.

In That Bright World, for gamelan, on an Appalachian folk song, 1981. Performed over 30 times in the U.S., England, New Zealand, Australia.