Dennis Murphy

Dennis Murphy and the Plainfield Village Gamelan


This video is from the 1989 Vermont Composers Festival in Putney, Vermont.
(Posted on YouTube by Kalvos.)




How to Build a Gamelan. Published in a 1983 edition of EAR magazine, edited by Barbara Benary.

The Autochthonous Amercan Gamelan. Doctoral Dissertation at Wesleyan University, 1975.

Notation and Puppets


Wayang Music Collection.
A volume containing Dennis Murphy's compositions for gamelan, as well as Javanese pieces he learned while at Wesleyan. This collection was a resource for the many wayang performances presented by Murphy and the Plainfield Village Gamelan, for which Murphy wrote the scripts, made the puppets, and built most of the gamelan instruments. (Hand-written notation by Dennis Murphy.)

Wayang Puppet Collection
Photographs of wayang puppets by Dennis Murphy, made from heavy water color paper or thin plywood.