Suhirdjan references


"Mas Suhirdjan made an iron gamelan for Ms. Nancy Cooper, which was named Sri Devi after the rice goddess. She has left it in my keeping while teaching in Singapore." Bill Remus

"The Chinese University of Hong Kong bought a slendro-pelog gamelan from Suhirdjan in 1994. It was inaugurated in the Festival of Asian Arts in October 1994, played by a group from STSI in Surakarta led by Sri Hastanto. The performers were quite impressed with the sound (Hastanto described the gamelan as 'friendly'), and the gamelan sounded great in the Hong Kong Cultural Center Concert Hall." Larry Witzleben, Music Department, Chinese University of Hong Kong.

"Gamelan Son of Lion bought a half dozen gongs from Suhirdjan. They are a great improvement to our sound and the business part went very smoothly." Barbara Benary

"Mas Hirdjan sent me keys for gambangs slendro and pelog with sorog bem and barang. I build the grobogan myself, copying from the gambang at U of Hawaii. The quality of his workmanship and the sound is super, out of this world. I finished the whole thing on Bung Karno's birthday, June 6, and named the set Kyai and Nyai Sawo Madu or The Venerable Sweet Sapadilla (the color of the wilahans is the color of sawo cut in half.) Anyone visiting the islands is welcome to try it. Since solo gambang is odd, be prepared to do the rengeng2, so I can enjoy it also." Pak Kendro

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