Slendro Clarinet, by Daniel Goode. Performed with Gamelan Son of Lion at Dan's birthday concert in 2009.

Sad/Happy. Daniel Goode.

Wayang Legenda, puppets and direction by Heri Dono

Wayang Imaginasi, concept and organization by Sutanto

Enfield Shaker Singers at Canterbury, with director Mary Ann Haagen

Enfield Shaker Singers at the New York City Folklife Museum

Robin Hayward. Solo tuba concert at Dartmouth College.

Dewa Ketut Alit. "Keliru Enggong" for two differently tuned gamelan and string quartet.

Sapto Raharjo at the Yogya Contemporary Music Festival 2005.

Bonang (2010), by Jody Diamond, premiered by Gamelan Son of Lion.

Son of Lion Party and Performance for Jody Diamond's CD on New World Records, "In That Bright World." Includes Bonang, Come Into the Valley, and Bubaran Bill, in new arrangements for Gamelan Son of Lion. December 12, 2010.




Joe Kubera plays Michael Byron's Dreamers of Pearl.

The Magic Cat. Wayang Kulit by Dennis Murphy and the Plainfield Village Gamelan.