Gamelan Groups in Europe

This page lists links to organizations in Europe that maintain regional lists of groups as well as other information. Any group in the area not included can also be listed here.

Each listing follows this format: Name of the group, kind of instruments and builder if known, repertoire played, and contact information. Groups are also welcome to add a description of the group, its philosphies, special projects, etc.

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Name of Ensemble: Saling Asah
Gong Kebyar, Gong Suling,  gong Kendang, Javanese gamelan
Repertoire: traditional and new works
Gunther Wendrickx
Mertens en Torfsstraat 12
2018 Antwerpen, Belgium
Telephone +32 (0)3/237-92-93

'Saling Asah' is mainly involved with the encouragement of collaboration between Belgian and Balinese artists. We are attempting to train a group of Belgian performers to understand Balinese music and dance to such a degree that they can make use of their skills to write their own pieces for Balinese instruments. In the future, we would like to invite Balinese composers to Belgium to teach us some of their new compositions, and also collaborate with Belgian composers and choreographers. We meet every Sunday evening at the Indonesian Embassy in Brussels, where a group of Belgian and Indonesian performers get together to learn primarily Gong Kebyar and also some contemporary works. We request a small monthly fee from official members every month, although non-members can also participate, paying per lesson. Instruction is primarily in English, but all people are welcome, including Dutch, Indonesian, and French-speakers.


Name of ensemble: The Prague Gamelan
Instruments: Javanese, slendro only Repertoire: traditional, but also experimental and collaborative projects
Contact: Jan Koldzieyski
The instruments are owned by and housed at the Indonesian Embassy in Klamovka, Prague 5. The Prague Gamelan is the performing group of the Czech Gamelan Association, who also run workshops and other events for schools and colleges in the Prague area. New members always welcome!


General Name: Montebello Gamelan
Name of Ensemble:
Group of the Impermanence
Instruments: Javanese Kaduk Raras (pelog), Raras Sari (slendro); Sekar Mekar Sari
(slendro gadhon), Sekar Sepi Sendiri (gong ageng). Instruments come from Suhirdjan, Tentrem Sarwanto, and other sources.
Repertoire: Traditional, also experimental
Contact: Giovanni Sciarrino
Montebello, 10081 Castellamonte (Turin) Italy
tel: ++ 39 0124 581448

The full gamelan is housed in its own pendopo, specially built following the Javanese style (no walls) on a pleasant hillside. The gadhon stays inside the house. The named gong was first to arrive in 1994 and is not normally played with the gamelan. Main problem of this private undertaking: to have enough musicians to play regularly (around here it is rather virgin territory for gamelan culture).


A directory of gamelan groups in the United Kingdom is maintained by UK Gamelan Information.


Music of Java and Bali in France has directories, sound files, and lots more!


KULTUR KONTAKT organizes cultural events in Europe and is working on a German gamelan directory, as well as links to other European gamelan groups.
gamelan directory:
Kultur Kontakt
Brusseler Str. 89-93
50672 Koln
Tel +49-221-952 27 06
Fax +49-221-952 27 07


Name of Ensemble:: Gender Wayang - Elena Szirmai & Otmar Kramis
Instruments: Balinese gender wayang
music of Balinese shadow play and religious ceremonies, gending of Br. Babakan Sukawati and Kayumas Badung.
Otmar Kramis
Bruchstrasse 6
CH-6003 Luzern, Switzerland
tel/fax:++41 41 240 20 86

Name of Ensemble::
Instruments: :Gamelan Gambuh, Pelegongan, Kebyar

Charlie Richter
Basel Music Academy