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Acker, Gregory

(WAY) Louisville Festival 2002 V.Ack01. $30. DVD.Ack01. $40.

Featuring performances by Louisville Central Community Center, Americana Community Center, Louisville Deaf Oral School.

V.Ack01. $30

DVD.Ack01 $40.


Benary, Barbara

Karna: A Shadow Puppet Opera V.Ben01

Five scenes from the New York performance by six singers and Gamelan Son of Lion. Javanese and American puppets; puppeteer Barbara Pollitt.


Wayang Esther: A Javanese Purimspiel V.Ben02

A Javanese wayang adaptation of the Jewish Purin holiday recitation of the scroll of the Book of Esther. Gamelan Son of Lion with dhalangs Barbara Pollitt and Joko Susilo.


Glascock, Baylis

Wayang Kulit: ShadowTheater of Java

A wonderful view of both sides of the shadow puppet world. Cultural information frames long e xcerpts of a performance by dalang Oemartopo. 22 min.



Gamelan Pacifica

Visible Religion: A Shadow Play

Javanese and Balinese puppets, slide projections, dancers and more in this collaborative Indonesian-American production. Music by Jarrad Powell and Tonny Prabowo. 85 min.


Diamond, Jody

Karya: video portraits of four Indonesian composers

Four Indonesian composers. I Nyoman Windha, Rizaldi Siagian, Pande Made Sukerta, A. L. Suwardi,. Each composer is shown in an informal situation and in a excerpt of a performance. DVD.


Finestream Gamelan

The Finestream Gamelan

Concert with guest Ki Rasito Pangrawit; music from Central Java and Banyumas for gamelan and calung ensembles.


Kallett, Jim and Manoff, Mark

Topeng Babakan

Cirebon-style solo masked dance, filmed in Slangit , West Java, with Sujana Arja. 10 min.

$25 indiv., $65 inst.
PAL: add $10

Marin, Eric

Cherish, Conserve, Consider, Create

Lou Harrison's life and work in a dramatic visual and aural choronology. Interviews with Harrison, collaborator William Colvig, and many friends.

Indiv. $35; inst. $100.

Quigley, Samuel

Copper, Tin and Fire: Gongsmithing in Java

Making a small gong from start to finish, and an interview with gamelan maker Tentrem Sarwanto (OUT OF STOCK)

$35 (PAL $40)

Reed, Larry


Shadow Master V.Ree01

The delicate balance between traditional culture and modern society in a family of performers in Bali. 54 minutes.


Resonance Media

Pamungkas/Gambyong Pangkur DVD

Pamungkas: A dance by S. Ngaliman, performed by Supriyadi. Gambyong Pangkur. A Javanese court dance performed at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, with Sri Endah Wahyuningsih, accompanied by a full gamelan.

$35 indiv.;
$75 inst.

The Prosperity of Wibisana: a study guide DVD

Dalang Widiyanto discusses his performance of the Ramayana, describing plot, main characters, and musical relationships in the wayang. 48 min.

$35 indiv.;
$75 inst.

The Prosperity of Wibisana: a performance DVD

A complete performance of the wayang discussed in the study guide, with Widiyanto, several guest artists, and the Lewis and Clark College Gamelan. 1:33 min.

$35 indiv.;
$75 inst.

Wahyu Senopati DVD

Traditional Wayang Kulit from Central Java, Wahyu Senopati is an extract from the Mahabharata.

$35 indiv.;
$75 inst.

Gift of the Wali: The Gamelan Sekaten in Central Java DVD

Sekaten is an annual celebration found in the Javanese Court cities of Surakarta, Yogjakarta and Cirebon to honor the Prophet Mohammed's birthday. This is a 2 disc set. Disc one features a documentary elucidating the history and context of the Gamelan Sekaten and performances of three pillars of Sekaten repetoire. Disc two features additional performances illuminating the playing style and structure specific to Sekaten. Approx 2:34 min

$45 indiv.;
$95 inst.