Volume 14, 2020
Gamelan During COVID

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EDITORIAL, by Jody Diamond and Linda Hibbs


    • Maguru Maya: Teaching Balinese Gamelan at a Distance, by Otto Stuparitz
    • From Performance to Pedagogy: Transforming the Role of a Freelance Gamelan Teacher, Meghan Hynson, with Gusti Komin
    • “Prepare Your Bandwidth!”: Teaching Gamelan Online at ISI Surakarta, by Wahyu Thoyyib Pambayun, with Jody Diamond


    • Nusantara Arts Gamelan Masters Series, by Matthew Dunning, with Linda Hibbs
    • Gamelan Sekar Jaya: Bali’s Living Arts Series, by Rebecca Selin
    • Our Identity and Our Heritage: the Preservation of Javanese Dance, by Dewi Galuh Sinta Sari
    • Golden Dragons Online: How Do We Keep Resonating?, by Katherine Waumsley, J. Simon van der Walt, Heather Strohschein, Martin Sewell, and Bill Whitmer
    • Only the Shadows Know: the Evolving Performance of Wayang in Java, by Jody Diamond and Linda Hibbs


    • A Thousand Singing Voices: the Power of Javanese Macapat, by Asita Majdi, with Linda Hibbs
    • Two Poems by Otok Bima Sidarta, by Garrett Kam
    • Macapat from the Kraton Yogyakarta: Classic Poems for a Contemporary Pandemic, by Wedana Susilomadyo, translated by Nyi MJ. Reninawangmataya


    • The Upside of Chaos: Bard Gamelan Gets a New Home, by Sue Pilla
    • The Gongs Hang Silent: Gamelan in New Zealand, by Jo Hilder, Megan Collins, Budi Putra, and Gareth Farr,
    • Gamelanhuis: A Collective Home in Amsterdam, by Elsje Plantema


    • We Will Survive: Global Gamelan in a Worldwide Pandemic, edited by Jody Diamond and Linda Hibbs


    • Scrapbook: photos and posters from Indonesia, Linda Hibbs
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